Competition 2020

Dance Centre has been competing in, and winning, dance competitions for many years.​ We love the challenge and excitement of dancing competitively, and this will never change.

The world is a different place this year. All of the Dance Competition organizations that we have worked with over the years are struggling to keep up with changing pandemic conditions, repeatedly rescheduling events and moving to online competition when possible.

We, too, have been prevented from following our competitive passion this year. The pandemic has kept us out of the studio. Many of you had been learning dances in preparation for competitions that never took place; we know how bad that must feel. 

The most important thing to know is that Dance Centre will return to the competitive arena.


For those of our students who thrive on competition, we will be there with new choreographers, new teachers, and new talent. Dance Centre will once again take the stage and show the world what hard work and raw talent can achieve.


Margalit Kestin, Director

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