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The Dance Centre Competition Company is a competitive team where students have the opportunity to compete at the Regional or National levels on Long Island and beyond.


As a member of the Company, dancers are required to have technical, intense training to showcase themselves and their teammates in the best light. Dancers in the Company will learn teamwork, discipline, dedication, and commitment to themselves and their teammates.


Throughout their training, teachers will not lose sight of the joys of dance and what brought us all together in the first place. The Company is a place for students to feel like they belong to a team. Competition will build strength, confidence, and drive in our students through hard work and dedication.


As with all of Dance Centre, the Company is a family. No one is left behind; everyone has a place. But it is not easy. This program is for dancers that want to WORK HARD, and SHINE BRIGHT! Dancers that like to PUT IN THE WORK and like to WIN!


Is this you? Is this your dancer? Then we want you. Come join our Competition Company today.

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