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Courtney Clancy

Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Adult Hip Hop, Jazz, Street Jazz, Ballet/Tap Combo

Competition Director

Courtney has danced since she was three years old, started competing when she was 8, and stayed with it until she graduated at age 18. She studied at Elite Dancers, where she student taught and then grew to take on her own classes as a full teachers for 2 years. During that tenure she choreographed solos and group dances for many students.


As a high school student Courtney was captain of her school's kickline/dance team, where she choreographed every dance and learned the basics of good team leadership. She later, after graduation, designed and conducted kickline clinics for her former school. Courtney furthered her dance studies in college, and trained at Broadway Dance Center. 

As our Competition Director Courtney has taken full responsibility for a very important aspect of our life at Dance Centre. Dance competitions are a great way to focus our students on learning, refining, and perfecting a dance and taking it into a demanding performance environment. it's not for all students, but it's a great outlet for those who are excited by it. And making those competitions happen - dealing with students, teachers, choreographers, dance presentation companies, venues, and so on - can be a daunting task. Courtney took this on without hesitation.