Covid-19 Safety Procedures

Thank you for continuing to dance with Dance Centre during these uncertain and ever-changing times. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dance Centre is dedicated to providing your children with dance education in a safe and responsible manner.

We will follow all Suffolk County and New York State requirements, and follow guidance from the CDC. While the State of New York offers no specific guidelines for dance schools, the following instructions provide useful and relevant guidance, and so have been used to guide this process:


Please understand that our schedules and protocols are apt to change, as this is an evolving situation.

If you have any questions or concerns with this, please contact Director Margalit Kestin. The health and well-being of our students and their families is our top priority.

Parents: these protocols are addressed to your children; please help them understand these requirements. You must print and sign this COVID-19 acknowledgement release before your child can dance with us.

Overall protocol

Safety is a job for all of us. Before coming into the studio, please click here to print and sign this Covid safety acknowledgement form to confirm that you understand your role in keeping your child safe. Please bring it with you to the studio during your first week of class.

  1. All visitors to our studios, dancers and families included, will be required to undergo an entry procedure that includes a temperature scan, and hand sanitization with a provided gel.

    1. ​Any temperature above 99.9 is a possible symptom of COVID‑19. If your temperature is at or above this when you arrive, please leave the building. We will provide you with a makeup class. We offer Zoom class options for those unable to attend in person.

  2. Masks are required at all times, including while dancing, for all students in kindergartener and above.

    1. Pre-schoolers may dance without a mask provided their parent or guardian remains with them at all times, including in the dance room, to ensure that the child maintains a safe distance from others. We ask that one adult attend class with their dancer and stay with their dancer to ensure social distancing. Adults are required to wear masks at all times. Masks are not required for preschoolers, but may be worn at the parent’s discretion. Please note that we don’t allow street shoes on the dance floor.

  3. We will be practicing social distancing at all times.

  4. We are working hard to keep our surfaces sanitized and safe for all our staff, parents and students.

  5. When necessary, dance floors will be mopped with disinfectant between each class.

  6. Barres will be sanitized between each class.

  7. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studios.

  8. The bathrooms will be limited to one dancer at a time.​

  9. Masks will be available for sale in the studios, at a nominal price, if a child arrives without a mask and still wants to dance.

Detailed protocols

The following describes the specific processes to be followed throughout your visit to the studio.

Before coming to class
  1. Self-check for any COVID-19 symptoms.

  2. Get dressed for class; dressing rooms will be closed.

  3. Use the bathroom at home; bathrooms will be available, for use only when necessary.

  4. Downsize your dance bag. We recommend a small washable bag with only the essentials.

  5. Pack: mask, with extra mask; dance shoes; water bottle labeled with your name; personal hand sanitizer; and a small bag to hold your used mask.

  6. You may bring slip-on shoes to wear to the bathroom.

In the parking lot
  1. Say goodbye to parents; a limited number of parents will be permitted in-studio, except for parents of toddlers. Please be courteous and take turns with other parents so they may also see their child dance.

  2. Ensure that your mask is on properly.

  3. Wait outside (or in the car if it’s raining) on socially-distanced spots outside of the studio.

  4. NEVER wear your dance shoes on any surface other than the dance floor.

Upon arrival
  1. Temperature will be taken upon arrival. Staff, parents, and students will all have temperature checks.

  2. Sanitize your hands.

  3. Help yourself to a bin. Place your shoes and belongings in the bin, Place the bin under the cubby.

  4. Leave your labeled water bottle on the bench.

  5. Re-sanitize your hands before entering the classroom.

  6. For Ballet: Go straight to your assigned, marked spot at the barre and begin to warm up.

  7. For Contemporary/Jazz/Tap/Modern/others: Go straight to an empty marked spot and select an empty marked square on the floor. Start warming up and wait for your teacher. You must remain in the center of that square to be properly distanced from your neighbors.

During class
  1. Your mask must be kept on at all times.

    • If you need a drink of water or need to change a sweaty mask, remember to sanitize your hands before and after touching your mask.

  2. Safe-distance dancing squares or, in some rooms, socially-distanced spots have been marked on the floor, and will be used to ensure a safe distance from other dancers.

  3. Teachers will not be giving hands-on corrections; ask for clarification when needed.

  4. Things that we won’t be doing:

    • Anything with partners that would require social distancing to be broken.

    • Greeting each other with a hug – please use a hand wave.

    • Using the dressing rooms.

    • Changing in the bathroom.

  1. Only ten people, including staff and parents, can be in our lobby are at one time. We miss you, but we need to keep a small population inside of our space.

    1. We have provided outdoor seating so that you can wait in the safety of open air.​

  2. Pick-up and drop-off your children ON TIME! We need to keep a predictable flow into and out of the studio.

  3. If your child cannot properly social-distance and/or keep their mask on, we will request that you attend class with them. In cases of difficulty, please ask us. We may have someone that can assist your child, but this must be arranged ahead of time.

  4. If someone in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19 please alert the school immediately.

  5. If you have questions and/or concerns, please contact Director Margalit Kestin.