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Marissa Rignola

Tap, Ballet, Lyrical

Marissa Rignola 2.JPG

Marissa started dancing at 2 years old, and by age 11 she had her own dance company she ran out of her childhood home. By the age of 16 she was teaching professionally, performing in entertainment companies, choreographing for theater and more.

Marissa appeared in MTV music videos, print ads, infomercials and TV commercials. Her TV commercial credits include King Kullen (check out girl), Super Saver (customer), Audio Vox (dancer) and Marinelli Jewelers (girl being proposed to). She modeled for Rubie's Costume Company and graced many catalogs and ads for the famous Halloween costume company. Marissa was an extra in Jim Henson's Saturday morning children's show “City Kids” in 1993 along with Donald Falson from “Clueless” and “Scrubs.”  She was on the cover of Dance Trends by Blasia in 1998 and did runway and print ads for the Sunrise Mall.

She's formed and managed dance companies on Long Island and is an award-winning choreographer with a passion for creative movement in all forms of dance.

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