Family Show Philosophy:


Dance Centre’s Family Dance Experience culminates with our annual recital.  Held in June, our recital consists of four shows.  However, the Family Show Philosophy ensures each family has ONE show with all their children, and all their dances, in it.  Whether you have one dancer in your family or five, this means you only have to purchase tickets to ONE show. 


Your child may be asked to perform in more than one show, to allow another family the opportunity to have a Family Show, but you are never asked to purchase tickets to more than one show, unless you would like to.  You can simply sign your dancer in at our security checkpoint, and sign them out as soon as their number is over.


Performing in more than one show is fun for our dancers!  It allows them to gain more experience by performing in front of multiple audiences, and another opportunity to wear their costumes.


Backstage at our recital, multiple employees and designated “class parents,” care for the children, provide snacks, coloring books and even a streaming TV to watch their friends LIVE on stage!


Dancers also are not required to stay for the duration of the show. We understand our tiniest dancers may find it hard to be without their grown-up for an extended period of time; we know our older dancers are in many other activities.  At Dance Centre we never require your child to stay for the entire show.  While we’d love for each dancer to join us at the Finale, we understand it isn’t always possible.  Dancers can be checked out by a parent (or another adult designated by their parent/guardian) whenever their dances are complete.



*Our recitals are held at Eastport South Manor High School Auditorium.