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We are an inclusive family of Dance


At Dance Centre we believe that movement to music can be transformative for all of us, across the entire spectrum of human physiology and psychology. For this we have created a program specifically to provide a safe, fun environment where our students with special and additional needs can find freedom and joy.


The Without Limits program was designed for children and young adults with additional needs, to help build socialization, confidence, expression, and strength through dance.


Students will learn how to count and understand musicality, learn basic-advanced steps in different styles, learn fun dance combs to share and teach their peers, and learn a dance routine to perform on the big stage.


Each dancer will have the opportunity to be part of our end-of-year recital. This recital is a great way to come together as a whole studio, as a family, to show on the main stage their hard work and dedication throughout the season.


Our high energy teachers will bring happiness, joy and smiles to all your faces every class, and you will leave each day having learned something new or grown a little bit more. At Dance Centre we believe dance in for everyone WITHOUT LIMITS!


We welcome you, with open arms and open hearts, to our family of Dance.

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