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Our Classes

MOMMY AND ME Does your little one love to dance, but isn't ready to leave your side? This class allows parents and their children to interact in a playful and creative environment. Students aged 18 months to 2-1/2 years will improve their gross motor skills and musicality through stretching and movement exercises while learning to interact in a social classroom environment.


TINY DANCERS introduces toddlers to the beginnings of dance and independence. Tiny Dancers will be delving into the world of music and movement, and dancing together as a collective.


CREATIVE MOVEMENT teaches 3- and 4-year-olds the basics of ballet and tap. At this level your child will be learning their first dance steps, and basic technique.


COMBO CLASSES offer pre-schoolers graders the ability to study jazz and tap in one extended class. Your child will get a taste of each style, which will help determine what your child should study next.

BALLET is the building block of all dance. Here you will learn control, strength, and grace. Dancers will learn terminology, positions, technique, and movement. Ballet technique is the basis for all movement.

JAZZ is the dance that lights up Broadway. Jazz is bold, energetic, and showy. Jazz is fun, and is always a favorite to perform.

TAP is all about becoming one with the rhythm and syncopation of the music. It is a form of percussion expressed as movement. And learning to make it all look effortless.

MODERN / CONTEMPORARY teaches you to break the rules of classical movement. Modern dance is a contemporary theatrical concert. Here you will find answers to the question "what else can dance be?"

LYRICAL is a fusion of jazz, ballet, acrobatics, and modern dance as an expressive choreographic vocabulary used to convey an emotional story. It is a fluid continuum of movement, and one of the most pleasurable forms of dance to perform.

HIP-HOP is a cultural movement embodied by a dance genre, Hip-Hop is the synthesis of music, poetry, and dance. These are very popular classes, where many students excel without formal dance training.

PROPER ATTIRE We expect our dancers to come to class ready to learn.  Please visit our Proper Attire page to learn more about what shoes and clothing are required for each class.

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