MOMMY & ME ~ Does your little one love to dance, but is not ready to leave your side?  Try our Mommy & Me class.  This fun-filled class allows parents and students to interact in a playful environment.  Students, ages 18 months to 2 1/2 years, will improve their gross motor skills and musicality through stretching and movement exercises.


TWINKLE TOES ~ For 2 1/2 year olds, Dance Centre provides 45 minute classes that teach the beginnings of dance and independence. Twinkle Toe dancers will be delving into the world of music and movement.


CREATIVE MOVEMENT  ~ For 3 and 4 year olds, Creative Movement teaches the basics of ballet and tap. At this level your child will be learning their first dance steps in a one-hour class.


COMBO CLASSES ~ For Kindergarteners and 1st graders, Combo Classes offer your child the ability to study jazz and tap in one extended class. Your child will get a taste of each style, which will help determine what your child should study next.


Classes for ages 5 and up:


BALLET ~ Ballet is the building block of all dance. Ballet teaches control and grace. Dancers will learn termonology, positions and classical ballet technique in a traditional ballet setting.


JAZZ ~ Jazz is the dance that lights up Broadway. Using technique that comes from ballet, jazz is more expressive and energetic. Jazz is showy, incorporating tricks and group work, which is always a favorite to perform.


TAP ~ With its energy and rhythm Tap is a classic. Dancers will learn syncopations and rhythm in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.


LYRICAL ~ Dancers will combine classical balletic movement with the expressiveness of jazz, set to contemporary music.  Dancers will often tell a story through their dance.


ACROBATICS ~ Acrobatics is a class designed for ages 5 and up and combines floor gymnastics with dance.  Dancers will learn basic acrobatic moves, like cartwheels and bridges, then increase in diffculty to ariels, diving forward rolls and much more.


HIP HOP ~  Hip-Hop is the modern expression of many forms of dance. Set to an urban beat, it is the dance of your children’s generation. These are very popular classes, where many students excel without formal dance training.

POM ~  Think half-time routies!  All the fun of cheerleader-style dancing.  Upbeat music, sharp movements, formation changes and teamwork.


MUSICAL THEATER ~ Learn stage direction, voice projection and story-telling ... then incorporate props and movement.  Sing along while you dance!  This class is part acting excercises and part dancing!



PROPER ATTIRE ~  We expect our dancers to come to class ready to learn.  Please visit our Proper Attire page to learn more about what shoes and clothing are required for each class.

ADULT EXERCISE CLASSES ~ Zumba and Insanity classes with Oscar Gonzales, are offered at Dance Centre.  For a schedule, fees and more information visit