Studio Policies

TUITION Our tuition is based on an annual fee divided into nine (9) payments. In May you are required to pay May and June. Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. A late fee will be added to your tuition is it is not paid by the 15th of the month. 


Each class will have a minimum of 33 lessons, including any instruction regarded as rehearsals. Your account must be up-to-date in order for your child to participate in the June Recital. 


Checks should be made out to DANCE CENTRE. There will be a service fee of $30 for any returned check. Upon a second episode ONLY cash will be accepted. Any student owing more than two months tuition will not be able to participate in class or private lessons.

ENROLLMENT Students enrolling after February 1st may participate in class, but will not be eligible to participate in the recital. Costumes are ordered in November, and choreography is typically finished and being fine-tuned by this time.


MISSED CLASSES There are no reductions for holidays or missed classes. Missed classes can be made up within two months of the day of absence. Please notify the studio about absences and to schedule make-ups. At the Director’s discretion, a student may be asked not to participate in the recital if they have excessive absences. There are no refunds or transfers of money once it has been paid. Classes missed after May 1st cannot be made up prior to recital. Please see the receptionist to schedule a make-up class during our summer session.


PHOTOGRAPHY For the convenience of all students, we provide professional photographers to take individual and class photos at the studio. Every student participating in the show will be required to appear on photo day for his or her class picture.  Individual pictures are not mandatory.


QUESTIONS If you have any questions or concerns, we urge you to call and make an appointment to discuss it with us.

DRESS CODE Proper clothing and shoes must be worn in all classes. No sweatshirts or other baggy clothing can be worn at anytime. For safety reasons, no jewelry is permitted in class. A student may be asked not to participate in class if not properly prepared. For more information, please visit our Proper Attire page.


PHOTOS FOR PUBLICATIONS / SOCIAL MEDIA There are several signs in each studio, but in the future if you prefer your child's photo not be used on social media or for other Dance Centre purposes, let us know.


RECITAL An annual recital will be held at the close of the school year. Participation is voluntary. Our recital offers the student a chance to display their achievements over the past 10 months. Important information regarding this show will be posted in the studio, and on the Recital page.


STUDIO CLOSINGS Scheduled studio closures will be posted in September. When available, a list of scheduled closings can be found on our Important Dates page. If we are forced to close due to bad weather, it is suggested you check our Facebook page or website.  The studio will also send out an email.


COSTUMES Your costume deposit, $65.18 per costume, is due by November 15th. All remaining balances are due by February 15th. There will be a 10% late fee added to any outstanding balances after February 28th. Once a costume is ordered, the balance must be paid whether or not the student continues classes, or participates in the recital.


STUDENT PLACEMENT Proper placement in dance classes will be enforced. A student will be placed in the proper class during the month of September. Placement will be solely at the discretion of the Director and teachers. Students that have previous training will be evaluated and placed in a class with other students who have achieved the same level of technique. A class may be canceled if enrollment falls below six students. Age requirements for classes are as of September of the upcoming dance year.


STUDIO CARE Many of our dancers spend several hours at the Dance Centre each week. They consider the Dance Centre their home away from home. Please treat our studios with the same care as you would your own home. 


While our studios are professionally cleaned bi-weekly, our Dance Centre family can help us keep it clean by following a few rules:

  1. No pets (except service animals) are allowed in the studios. Many students and staff have allergies to animals.

  2. No eating in any of the studio spaces. Each location has a table in the lobby for students who need a snack during their afternoon sessions.

  3. Please place trash in the proper receptacles, and put used water bottles in the provided recycle bins at the end of your class.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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