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Sawyer Newsome Dancing.jpg
Sawyer Newsome

Contemporary, Hip Hop, Improvisation

Sawyer was born and raised in Charlotte North Carolina where he trained at the Magnet School in Monroe, NC, Central Academy of Technology and Arts, while simultaneously training at Carolina Dance Capital.

Sawyer is a recipient of many awards and scholarships such as the Mary Doctor Performing Arts Scholarship, the James Dickerson Carr Scholarship, and Henry Rutgers Trustee Scholarship. In addition, Sawyer has trained and performed work choreographed Shannon Gillen, Martha Graham, Randy James, Doug Elkins, Christian Von Howard and Pam Tanowitz. He auditioned for Season 14 of So You Think You Can Dance and made it to the top 75. Not long after, he went to work with Terry Schulke's POV (Points of View) Contemporary Dance Company, where he performed all around the West Coast.

On Teaching What I love most about teaching is the direct transfer of energy from myself to the student. I believe that this can be a transfer of physical energy and/or mental energy. Physical energy in the form of generating movement and mental energy in the creation and collaboration process. I love it when I have the dancers in my class really think about how they can leave feeling like they were more than just a student, but a welcomed artist as well. It's my job to try to create the best environment for the students to achieve what they need from my class. No matter what the age or level is, I always want my class to be a welcoming experience to my love for this beautiful art form.

On Choreography When beginning to choreograph, I always believe in welcoming the idea of collaboration between the dancers and myself. Each individual mind has the ability to greatly contribute to the creation process. When this happens, the whole space and process can become more purposeful and connected. I have always loved collaboration. Not just between other dancers and myself. I have greatly enjoyed collaborating with artists, photographers, videographers, light designers and many more. My love of collaboration stems from my senior year of high school. I was able to collaborate with my friend who was a music editor and we made something I still think about to this day. Now, I try to find collaboration whenever I enter my creative process. I welcome all ideas when it comes to collaboration. I believe that the more you are able to see and witness be created by not just your ideas but ideas from every individual who is a part of the process.

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